Stand Out from Everyone Else with Custom Interior and Exterior Signage

Find the right solution at the best price for all your signage needs, from free-standing interior signs to exterior business and door signs. Whether it’s a temporary marketing promotion or long-term safety messaging, we can advise on material, color, and design to deliver high-quality, high-impact signage that fits your budget.

3D and Free-Standing Business Signs

Add heft to your name and personality to your brand with three-dimensional and free-standing signage. Whether you need free-standing entrance signs at a park or school, or wayfinding signs in your parking lot or indoor building corridor, A&A offers high-quality sign solutions.
From raised lettering to sand-blasted concrete to three-dimensional high-touch PVC, we can turn your preferred medium into any shape, image, or text. We’ll work with your team to develop signage that can be mounted to interior or exterior walls or fashioned into free-standing entities.

Types of Sign Materials

Depending on the location of the signage and your budget, we can help you determine what type of sign material to choose. Most interior and exterior signage can be fabricated using these types of materials:

Coroplast® Signs

Coroplast is a hardy, cost-effective corrugated plastic that can be cut to a variety of sizes. You’ve seen Coroplast signs pointing out parking lots, flagging houses for sale, and advertising candidates for election. Their low price makes Coroplast signs suited for large-volume orders. Simply add metal stakes for easy installation in grassy lawns and medians.

Dibond® Signs

Lighter than pure aluminum, Dibond is an aluminum composite that offers a smooth finish and solid rigidity. These long-lasting signs are cost effective for indoor and outdoor use.

Aluminum Signs

The first choice for road construction and wayfinding signs, highly durable aluminum can withstand the most punishing outdoor applications. When it is correctly installed, aluminum signage can last for decades.

Custom Cut Metal Signs

Metal signs offer a visual edge that can’t always be replicated by other mediums. At A&A, we can carve metal into custom shapes and sizes to provide you with a completely unique creation. Our CNC Plasma Table cuts aluminum and composite metals while allowing for full-color customization and high-design graphic printing. The only limit is your imagination.

Alternative Sign Materials

Unsure about the best option for your needs? Our team can help you determine the best, most cost-effective materials for your project. From wood and corrugated cardboard to acrylic and PVC, we can work with just about any material to fit your needs.